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Interior Design Renderings Are A Good Yardstick To Measure Designer's Capabilities
by The Content Group

The hallmark of a good interior design firm is its ability to produce excellent interior design renderings which should breathe life into new designs and which allow the homeowners to choose their furniture, artwork as well as surfaces which is all made possible by using the designer company's list of design furnishings and textures as well as fabrics. Other desirable qualities in an interior design company are their speed of operation and of course quality of work, and who also should have artists with whom clients can discuss details and transmit ideas to which can then be shown up in well conceived interior design renderings.

Three Dimensional Renderings

To get the best out of interior design renderings, most interior designers will make ready three dimensional renderings even though such an artform that is digitally produced may be considered too avant garde by some designers who would much rather stick to the tried and tested means of producing interior design renderings that have served them well for many years and so don't see any reason to make a change and try the newer technologies. That is a pity because creating interior design renderings is considered to be very hard even though there have been many improvements made to the processes involved, and, a major factor is lighting which can either make or break your three dimensional scene, though new technologies such as global illumination and also radiosity have made the task of lighting considerably easier by simply using a computer to help in automating the lighting through simulation of ambient light.

To create interior design renderings in three dimensional forms requires a number of things including CAD modeling, coloring as well as lighting, and finally furnishing. CAD modeling is used to create the shell of the building and it is much like what a builder does when constructing a building, while the coloring and also lighting takes into account where the wall and floors as well as other finishes are to be applied and also where lighting should be added. And, along with coloring as well as lighting, the interior design renderings will require creating or selecting each piece of furniture for the interiors as too the colors and also fabrics to be used.

How 3D Floor Plans Rendering helps Foresee the Future of Your Dream Project?
by Amit Kothiyal

The world of 3D architectural and floor plans rendering allows the designers and architects to make efficient designs that are technically impressive and digitally appropriate. These plans help forecast the digital view of your upcoming project in less possible time in order to make it look more impressive and to allow customers to visualize the interior and exterior of the upcoming architectural building.

Few reasons how 3D floor rendering helps foresee the future of your dream project are:

With the help of 3D floor plan rendering the customers will be able to see the internal and external portions of a building from various angles and make the necessary modifications as per their specification, which reduces time of making another plan on paper and also saves a lot of money.
With 3D floor plans rendering it is easier to understand the in and out of the upcoming structure and intricate and difficult architectural data in an easy manner, which helps them buy the building.
You can make changes and modify the plan instantly using 3D architectural rendering, which is not possible once the building has been constructed.

Nowadays, when customers want nothing but the best, it is necessary to create a 3D floor plan that is professional, technically correct and easy to understand and to get the best results it is important to hire experts. Contact an expert 3D floor plan development company to get professional and realistic view of the building that is impressive, accurate and designed only after proper scrutiny and analysis of your idea.

Few reasons why you must hire professional 3D architectural rendering experts are:

They design impressive, correct and digitally accurate plan.
They use an easy approach so that your customers will not find any difficulty while viewing the 3D plan.
New and improved technology has been used to make your 3D house plan very impressive.
Hire professional 3D experts to save time and money.

3D house plan rendering is a useful concept in itself and joining it with specialized professionals gets you the results that will surely benefit you and your idea!

Water In 3D Renderings
by Dr. ES Kramer

An infinite number of variables are possible when representing water in a scene. For instance, you could have:

Calm water in bright sun.
Softly rippling water on a cloudy day.
Rough choppy water on a partly sunny day.
Stormy water at night.

Well, you get the idea. Each scenario presents its own unique problems, and very often the deciding factor is not the material itself, but the manner in which it is lighted. 3D application's ray tracing material and mapping types can help enormously in getting a convincing reflection from calm or rippling water, but ray tracing has the disadvantage of increasing render time noticeably.

Use ray tracing when you have to, but try to "fake" it when you can. One distinct advantage of 3D Application is that ray tracing is implemented at the material or the map level and is not applied to the whole scene as in other software programs. Material and map level ray tracing requires only those objects with the material needs to be calculated, speeding the process considerably.

You will look at a calm rippling water scenario and an open ocean in winter effect in the next two exercises, first using Ray tracing and then without it.We will lead you through the basic steps of creating water in the STATION scene, treating the track pit as if it were a canal with slow running water. The day is sunny and there is a soft breeze blowing down the canal.

A bump map will ruffle the surface and you will use a ray trace mapping type to get accurate reflections, something that is difficult to get on a flat object with bitmap or flat mirror reflections. The CANAL WATER mesh could have been created with a rectangle that was collapsed to an editable mesh. However, we have found that large flat faces are not as reliable for reflections and shadows as mesh objects with smaller faces.

This is one of those situations where the result can often warrant the extra face/vertex count. We think of water as being very shiny, which it is, of course, but if you set Shininess and Shin.Strength to 100, the specular highlights are very bright and tight. This can make them diminish to insignificant or disappear completely.

Because the highlights are usually coming from a large expanse of bright sky or clouds, a fairly high Shin.Strength (to keep the specular white) and a moderately low Shininess produces better results. The bump map is used to create wind wavelets on the surface and they are seldom consistent over the entire body of water.

The mask enables you to reduce the effect of the bump map in some areas.A noise map tends to be made of fairly equally sized black-and-white splotches. Ripples on water, however, are usually much longer than they are high or wide. Setting the X:Tiling to three or four times the Y:Tiling elongates the wavelet for a more natural look.

Airbrushing Renders Delightful Artwork
by Harvey Jackson

You may not even be aware of how of the pictures you have looked at over the years were airbrushed. A technique developed in the late 1800s, it has been refined through the development of precision triggers and paint feed systems. The result is that the airbrushed pictures today can have an incredible amount of detail as if the painter used a fine bristle brush. The best news is that these precision tools can be purchased at a store selling art supplies in Chicago, IL meaning you dont have to search all over town to find what you need.

Airbrushing is used for many different purposes:

* Commercial artwork and illustrations
* T-shirt painting
* Paintings on canvas or other materials
* Photo retouching
* Murals
* Toy model painting
* Vehicle painting
* Body painting or painted tattoos

There are certainly some parents happy to buy their teens airbrushes for tattooing because it means no needles are used! Airbrushing the body with paint or makeup is safe and easy to remove when its time to go natural again.

Rolling Down the Highway or on T-Shirts

Have you ever noticed the paintings on the backs and sides of motor homes rolling down the highways? Or have you ever admired the flames painted on a restored 1956 Chevy? How about that football team logo painted on the tailgating trailer? There were also those detailed pictures painted on various materials, including t-shirts, for sale at the arts and crafts show that caught your attention.

These are all examples of the stunning detail that can be achieved with airbrushing. Of course, it takes practice but the art supplies a Chicago, IL online store sells are inexpensive so that makes airbrushing even more enjoyable.

Getting Set Up

To do airbrushing you need paint, airbrush (maybe more than one), a small compressor and a hose that connects the airbrush to the compressor. The airbrushes are sold as gravity feed or bottom feed and brands like Grex, Iwata, Chandler, Paasche and many other brands have designed airbrushes in various styles.

You can also buy frisket which is a special film that protects picture sections while you paint. In other words, frisket will prevent damage to an already painted section while youre completing your picture. In addition, you may want to purchase an easel so you have a steady place to put the item you will be painting.

Incredible Detail

Once you have assembled the art supplies the Chicago, IL store conveniently sells, then its all about practice, practice and more practice. That is part of the fun like any hobby. You develop your skill at applying the right air pressure and paint as you paint the picture. Its a matter of learning how to hold the airbrush while manipulating the trigger that releases air and paint.

Airbrushing artists can achieve incredible detail in their paintings. It is an art form that doesnt get enough credit and thats probably because it uses a compressor. As they say though, a picture speaks a thousand words. A skilled airbrush artist is creative and talented and the quality detailed pictures that can be achieved are fascinating.

Airbrushing can be done as a hobby or to earn income. You start by purchasing quality equipment and art supplies the Chicago, IL online store sells and the rest is up to you!

What Is Rendering

''Where do architects and designers get their ideas?'' The answer, of course, is mainly from other architects and designers, so is it mere casuistry to distinguish between tradition and plagiarism?
Stephen Bayley

A building is akin to dogma; it is insolent, like dogma. Whether or no it is permanent, it claims permanence, like a dogma. People ask why we have no typical architecture of the modern world, like impressionism in painting. Surely it is obviously because we have not enough dogmas; we cannot bear to see anything in the sky that is solid and enduring, anything in the sky that does not change like the clouds of the sky.
Gilbert K. Chesterton

A doctor can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.
Frank Lloyd Wright

A modern, harmonic and lively architecture is the visible sign of an authentic democracy.
Walter Gropius

A structure becomes architectural, and not sculptural, when its elements no longer have their justification in nature.
Guillaume Apollinaire

Ah, to build, to build! That is the noblest art of all the arts. Painting and sculpture are but images, are merely shadows cast by outward things on stone or canvas, having in themselves no separate existence. Architecture, existing in itself, and not in seeming a something it is not, surpasses them as substance shadow.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

All architects want to live beyond their deaths.
Philip Johnson

All architecture is great architecture after sunset; perhaps architecture is really a nocturnal art, like the art of fireworks.
Gilbert K. Chesterton

All fine architectural values are human vales, else not valuable.
Frank Lloyd Wright


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