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Rendering 3D Design   |   Architectural And Design

Architectural Rendering 3D's Role in Architectural Rendering Industry

By Mike U Thomas

Architectural rendering industry is well served by some of the most promising architectural engineering services. One of them is architectural 3D rendering. It is mainly used to enhance architectural design of a building - to make it look better and effective.

What is Architectural 3D Rendering?

Before proceeding, let's have a look at what is architectural 3-D rendering. It can be defined as a visual 3D representation of an architectural design. It is used by architects, builders and contractors for a wide variety of purposes. One can utilize it in 3D landscape projects, buildings, urban planning etc.

Architectural 3-D rendering enhances design value of any proposed building design and communication. In this concern, communication means demonstrating your design concepts to respective users as per their criteria. It also helps clients, builders and other professionals involved in the design and execution process to effectively understand the objective and beauty of the design. Perhaps that's why it is a better option than traditional drawings.

What Architectural 3D Rendering Can Offer to Industry?

As an efficient part of architectural rendering industry, architectural 3-D rendering has a lot to offer to industry. A wide range of applications are available in the industry such as:
3D architectural rendering design
3D architectural models of various building types such as residential, commercial and industrial buildings
Detailed architectural plan for construction
3D architectural visualization
3D interiors, 3D interior architectural rendering
Architectural 3-D rendering models
Architectural design and 3D modeling
Architectural 3D illustration of building's technical specifications

For any professional, whether he belongs to a smaller firm or a larger company can be highly benefited by the wonderful range of services mentioned above. Moreover a modern range of tools and technologies are available these days in order to implement architectural 3D rendering more effectively. Also it takes a little time to perform it in your core construction activities - definitely a useful alternative.

Understanding The Importance Of Architectural Rendering In Real Estate Website Design

By John Smith Jr.

These days, website design business has become a common business, all over the world. In order to be competitive from the cost point of view, customers are offered website design service at a cheaper cost by using ready made templates. However, there are other set of customers who would not mind paying extra for a good quality service. Specially, if it was a customer dealing with real estate, he would never want to own a real estate website which would look similar to the one whom the designer had already made for a previous client. No big businessman would like to own a website which is made by recycling a previous design. Templates can be used for low price consumer products, mass production or products with little aesthetic appeal but should never be used for real estate development. A unique real estate website design solution should be used to solve this issue. This can be done by using 3D architectural rendering website design concept for real estate projects.

Using 3D architectural rendering method, you can build a website for a real estate customer with a truly custom designed, full interactive, attractive and a unique solution for internet based real estate presentations. Through 3D architectural renderings website design, one can incorporate features such as making changes and additions to the website product pages based on the company who may have a constantly expanding portfolio. A custom designed website made on the basis of 3d architectural rendering method, can make a real estate website look terrific and behave flawlessly. For example: A 3D virtual reality wall can be build in seconds, where as a builder takes days, months or years to make a real one. Well, the main difference here is that the wall is built from 3D faces that exist within a computer data file but the builder's wall is real.

A 3D architectural rendering modeling process can include job work relating to placing all walls, doors, windows and fixed ( built -in) furniture, constructing the exterior of the building, retaining walls and ground surfaces. To actually deal with the above mentioned things, certain amount of architectural, design and construction information is required to get started. The level of detail required is variable but with more information, a better 3D image accuracy, is achieved. A 3D structure is been created based on the plans. Collect as much as detail information that you can get for creating an accurate model. Also, details relating to all interior and exterior finishes and colors are required. The main intention is to create a scene as though it was real. Hence, we need to create all surfaces to perfection. Details from photographs or samples can also be taken. Even details from paint manufacturers can be got in order to replicate colors and textures. With 3D architectural rendering method, one can see the visual result to be same as the necessary alterations to suit one's need. For example: after the scene is set and if the decoration or designer wants to add more different furniture, it can be done to suit one's need. In real life, the builder builds a real wall but by using 3D architectural rendering technique, a wall is built from 3D faces that exist within a computer data file.

3D Rendering: Understanding Shading and Reflection in Architectural Rendering Imagery

By Jon Andrson

3D rendering is an excellent tool for those of us who have trouble conceptualizing diagrams. I don't know about you, but I am a visual person. I can look at blueprints, 2D wireframes and concept drawings until my vision becomes blurry, but I still have difficulty visualizing what a designer or architect has in mind. Enter 3D rendering and the beauty of modern design software. Not only is this type of software used in a variety of gaming and entertainment industries, but it is also incredibly useful for architectural design, landscaping and interior design.

3d rendering takes all of the information that is entered from wireframes and creates an image that is two dimensional with 3D photorealistic effects. This is incredibly helpful when you are attempting to produce an image of your vision of the final product, whether that be a house, an office building or just an addition. This type of visualization will greatly enhance your ability to design a project to your specific needs or to adapt to the needs of the customer.

Two factors that should be considered when you attempt 3D rendering are shading and reflection. Have you ever looked at a picture of a building and thought to yourself "Huh, something is not quite right about that building." If you have, then chances are you know what bad shading and reflection look like. Images that are not properly rendered will not look real. If you are seeking to create a rendered image that is realistic and does not look like a cartoon, this is especially important. If you think about it, it makes sense. Lighting and texture are what makes an image have a 3D look. These are the elements that will make an image come to life instead of looking flat and dead.

Shading is the process of adding physical texture to an object that is being rendered. Many surfaces are not completely smooth and shading deals with how the material that is being rendered varies across the surface. Walls are not always completely flat, carpet has texture, and the siding of a garage has high points and low points. Shading will make those images look like they have texture, instead of just a shiny surface. It will create a more realistic look that will give you a better image of what the final product will actually look like.

Reflection is slightly more complicated than shading, as it has to do with the way an image interacts with various light sources. Reflection deals with both incoming and outgoing sources of light and how an item relates to them. Once again, not only is this important in creating realism, but it could also have a very practical implication, especially in architectural design. Why is reflection important? Again it is about realism. An item that does not cast a shadow or does not have high points and low points of light will look just wrong. If you are seeking to create a realistic 3D rendering of a house (whether it be for you or someone else) and you ignore the importance of reflection, your image will look like something straight out of a cartoon.

Shading and reflection are key components in rendering realistic images, whether it is an object or an architectural project. Both of these elements are essential in creating an accurate picture of your final product. When used together, you will be able to produce images that are stunning and will be able properly convey your vision. It is important to understand that while 3D rendering can be an incredibly useful tool in design, it must be properly employed in order to achieve its full effect.

With all of the advantages that 3D renderings provide, you will want to visit our site AndersonStudioArchitects.com for more information. We can help you to put your best foot forward and show your intended audience, rather its prospective tenants, banks or municipalities the quality and vision of your project.

Discover The Latest Techniques In 3D Rendering And Animation That Studios Are Using

By Cody Landon

If you are interested in 3D animation and you are keen to get to grips with the developments and trends into industry you will be keen to discover the latest techniques that studios are other players in the industry are using. One thing you get from the onset is that there are two ends to the domain of animation. The is a part made of those that want to produce 3D animation and there is a huge part made of the people who want to watch it.

3D animation is becoming more and more popular these days and has taken over the edge over 2D animation. Fact remains although that 3D concepts are an extension or a development of the 2D animation concepts and if you have 2D animation concepts you are even better positioned to fully grasp the 3D concepts and find your good position in there.

In 3D animation it is the computer that has revolutionized a lot of what happens in the 3D animation production. In 3D animation animators or designers use the computer to bring their drawings to life. The added advantage in 3D animation is that the drawings can be drawn using software and or they can be drawn manually then scanned into a computer.

There are amazing software's and application like Flash and various other illustration applications that can be used to produce high end images for 3D animation. Many people have confined the aspect of animation to the cartoon industry. What you need to know is that animation is not confined to the cartoons production and rendering industries. Any images that you see in three dimensions have been designed and modeled using 3D design and modeling concepts.

The concepts of 3D animation have cut across fields and various business spheres have benefited much from the this technology. Business have benefited much in utilizing the capabilities of 3D to showcase their services and products and there is no denying that the marketing and advertising industries have benefited the most from what 3D has to offer. The development in the animation industry is also opening up great career opportunities.

Any individuals that want to groom their careers in this industry have to grasp the industry ins and outs and be privy to the current developments. The computer has simplified and revolutionized a whole lot of how things get to work but fact remains that individuals who will cut it in the animation career lines are those who have invested their passion and talent in developing their artistic skills in design and animation.


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