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Digital Hybrid Illustrations - Hand Sketches with a Digital Twist
by Eric Howard

In the architectural illustration world, there was a time when everything was done 'on the boards'. This reference to drafting tables, complete with pencils, erasers and circle templates, accurately described the days when all drawings were produced by hand. Illustrators carefully studied composition and aesthetics, and painstakingly applied those principles in their drawings.

Then the computer began to emerge as a drafting and drawing tool in the late 1980s, and rapidly became the way illustrations and renderings were done. Whether it was because changes were easily accomplished (clicking 'undo' instead of erasing), or because one could easily print or send multiple copies of one's work, drawing by hand fell by the wayside in a matter of years.

Today, architectural renderings are mostly produced with computer modeling and rendering software. There are many illustrators who-because it is 'easy' to create a model, position a view point, set materials, and render away-produce renderings and perspective drawings completely by computer.

Some computer illustrators do have a keen eye for aesthetics, balance, and composition. But sadly, many do not. After their computer model is established and the sun angle is set up, canned entourage (people, plants and cars) are sprinkled in, and...voila! They have a finished rendering. Many times, rules of perspective and scale are broken or ignored, the balance of color and shading between subject and entourage is thrown out the window, and a sadly mismatched, awkward illustration is the result. Even more sad is the fact that clients are actually paying for this shoddy work.

Designers and their clients began to accept computer renderings as 'the wave of the future', but many longed for the artistic craft of hand drawings that seemed to have been cast aside.

Fortunately, another form of architectural illustration has begun to emerge which has the best of both worlds: the digital hybrid illustration. Essentially, it is a hand drawn sketch that is scanned and rendered digitally. Color adjustments, filters and layer styles are employed as appropriate to the individual illustration. With a hybrid drawing, you not only have the inherent benefits of an organic, hand drawn sketch, but you unlock the powerful creative potential and editing capabilities of the most current digital imaging software.

In the hands of a well-trained artist, a digital hybrid illustration opens the door for what should be the future of architectural illustration. It is a balance of mediums: a carefully constructed hand drawing made even better through modern digital image editing capabilities.

Learning 3D Illustration
by Carlo Berces Castillo

3D Illustration is a 2d representation of a 3d object in the virtual world. The illustrators role is to convey in the best possible manner, the design of the structure, through a rendered perspective.

Modeling a building for architectural presentation and analysis is different from modeling cartoon character, aliens from distant planet. Nobody know what aliens look like so the modelers have an advantage in his interpretation. Almost everybody knows what a structure looks like, and those expectation should be met by the illustrator.

With the aid of the Architectural Software, the Architects, Interior Designers, and Industrial Designers - anyone who makes aesthetic decisions in 3-Dimensions, will find that 3D computer visualization is a very effective way of conveying design ideas.

Building a 3D illustration on a computer often highlights design problems, and can aid in the search for a solution, which are often overlooked during the design process.

3D Modeling Basic

There are a lot of ways to create your 3d modeling and almost everybody have their own way and technique of creating the same model. In architectural visualization, there are a few modeling types every illustrator needs to master in 3DS Max.

These are spline, shapes and meshes, although there are others namely NURBS, patches, they all cater for other industry, but a basic understanding of these modeling techniques will be useful in other parts of your 3d scene.

The basic foundation of every 3D scenes are the line works, which are provided by the architects or other design professional, in the form of hand-drawn plans or 2D Autocad drawings.

From there, it is digitized to form a spline or shapes, that can be used in the creation of primitives, compound objects, and other object that will complete the scene.

Some also prefer to model the scene in AutoCAD and export to 3DS max for the texturing, lighting, and rendering.

There are no basic rule to follow, whether using autocad or a 3D software, as long as you are able to produce the required output.

Since designers are used to the precision drawings of autoCAD, it's no surprise that some illustrator engage in setting up the all the massing and modeling part in AutoCAD to take advantage of its accuracy in the 3D creation, and exporting them for rendering in 3DS Max later

Materials & Textures

Modeling is only the first step of creating Architectural Visualization. Materials and textures are the steps that attach a color and surface qualities to the 3D objects.

These textures comes from either scanned, painted, photographed, of actual materials and then projected on the 3D surface.

The main thing that you need to consider is the resolution of the bitmap that you will be using.

You must bear in mind that the bigger the bitmap, the bigger the file size, and your rendering will be slower. Analyze the scene, if the object is far away from the camera or is a minor element in the scene, you can use a smaller bitmap size.

<strong>Lighting & Rendering</strong>

Lighting and Rendering requires a keen eye for color and tone, as well as understanding of the technicalities and limitation of 3D Lighting Systems and Rendering Engines.

In order to achieve realistic Architectural Illustration, you'll want to study basic photography, which is primarily a study of light and how it interact with surfaces and film, and cinematography, which deals with lights in motion.

Lighting in 3D requires a mastery of the basic light types - directional, point, ambient, area, and spot lights - as well as an understanding of how lights interact with surfaces and the creation of shadow in 3D.

You'll need to have a firm grasp of how textures will be affected by their lights. Knowing color and how to get the right look for the frame is imperative in creating a photo-realistic scene.

Learn Digital Rendering at your own pace
by Carlos Ed Martinez

Have you ever wanted to create digital art? Render your own art into a digital masterpiece like the pros do? Well with Chad Baldwin's tranning course you will learn how to take a simple drawing and really bring it to life. Understanding and using layers to create highlights and shadows to express dimension is key. With this series of downloadable instructional videos it is clearly explanined the right way. Once you've learned the techniques you will be able to apply them to your own art and render it digitally.
Chad's training videos simply provide the best techniques! Have you even been interested in knowing the digital process? Wonder how you go about setting up your characters? Within you will learn from the basics of setting up your document to creating a 3D rendering of your own art quickly and affectively.
Now days you see more and more artists going digital. I feel the biggest benefit with creating digital renderings is the speed you have over traditional painting. If you mess up, no worries just simply undo it!! If you would like to make a living with creating digital illustrations this series of instructional videos is going to pay for itself by teaching you how to create clean crisp lines with the advanced layering techinques. There are always deadlines. With the digital medium you always have to remember just like traditional painting, the computer is only a tool. However, if you use the tools correctly and build up the experience you will find the digital medium allows for so many possibilities at such little time. These instructional videos download right to your computer and walk you step by step and shows you how to take a sketch and use layers to add the colors and create shading and lighting. The sky is the limit.
Have you ever drawn onto the computer? Or have you taken and scanned your cartoon or illustration into the computer but dont really know how to take it to the next level? Maybe you already have some idea as to how to render or color your illustrations on the computer but would love to push it to a professional level? If this is the case, this will be a great learning tool for you to advance your skills at your own pace.
Simply put, Cartoon Paint is a great learning tool for the digital medium and offers specific instructions and a detailed guilde to computer generated art. If you are looking to add that extra dimension to your cartoon characters or hand drawn renderings I think you will enjoy this video!

by Avinash

Illustration is simply a picture, which is capable of conveying some message, shows emotions, express feelings. This is the latest trend in the market, which become quite popular in very short time. In this modern generation, each & everything is done in very high tech & amazing way. Illustration is one of the greatest ways to express your feelings, give birthday, marriage, and marriage anniversary whishes to your nearest & dearest people. So, simply the best illustration choose by you shows your status in the society. In this trend, the people are really getting satisfaction because; they are always confused in selecting the gift for special occasion.

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What Is Rendering

''Where do architects and designers get their ideas?'' The answer, of course, is mainly from other architects and designers, so is it mere casuistry to distinguish between tradition and plagiarism?
Stephen Bayley

A building is akin to dogma; it is insolent, like dogma. Whether or no it is permanent, it claims permanence, like a dogma. People ask why we have no typical architecture of the modern world, like impressionism in painting. Surely it is obviously because we have not enough dogmas; we cannot bear to see anything in the sky that is solid and enduring, anything in the sky that does not change like the clouds of the sky.
Gilbert K. Chesterton

A doctor can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.
Frank Lloyd Wright

A modern, harmonic and lively architecture is the visible sign of an authentic democracy.
Walter Gropius

A structure becomes architectural, and not sculptural, when its elements no longer have their justification in nature.
Guillaume Apollinaire

Ah, to build, to build! That is the noblest art of all the arts. Painting and sculpture are but images, are merely shadows cast by outward things on stone or canvas, having in themselves no separate existence. Architecture, existing in itself, and not in seeming a something it is not, surpasses them as substance shadow.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

All architects want to live beyond their deaths.
Philip Johnson

All architecture is great architecture after sunset; perhaps architecture is really a nocturnal art, like the art of fireworks.
Gilbert K. Chesterton

All fine architectural values are human vales, else not valuable.
Frank Lloyd Wright


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