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What is Interior Design Rendering Software?

By Sanjesh Reddy

There are many designers that you see walking around with their laptop computer in hand and a digital camera in the other hand. When you higher an interior designer, they will most likely use interior design rendering software in order to do their job. They will walk through your space that you want to be designed and decorated and take a picture of just about every angel there is to take. They will get your ideas and the effect that you want to create in that space and then they will tell you that they will work on it and get back to you.

They leave and you are wondering how they are going to decorate that space by not even being there. This is where the interior design rendering software will come into the picture. The designer will go to their office or their home and download the pictures that they took of your space. The interior design rendering software will import those pictures in to its process and the designer will be able to sit in the comfort of their own chair and design your space anyway they want.

This type of software program comes equipped with thousands of furniture items, textures, colors, and many more features that you see in the decorating of a room. If you are designing a kitchen, this software program can put basically any type of furniture in the room, make the furniture any color they want, and even put a teapot on the stove. This software program allows the backgrounds to match up with your actual real life backgrounds. Every image that you see in the finished product will look real and the software allows scanning of the finished space from almost every angle.

When the main design is done, then the designer will come back to you for you to sit and go through their finished creation on their lap top. You can look at your space right on the screen even though nothing has actually been done to the real life space. If there is something that you do not like, such as the color of the walls, or the floor is all wrong, the designer can change that aspect of the room right there in front of your eyes with the click of a button and you both can see what it will look like with the changes. When combined with 3D drafting software, this forms a powerful combination wherein the architect can work with an interior designer to design both an exterior and interior at the same time. One can then visualize a living space before it even leaves the computer.

The interior design rendering software has saved time and money for not only the designer doing the work but also for the person who needs their space decorated because both parties will know exactly what it will look like when it is done.

Architectural Rendering Studios

By Alison Cole

In recent years, companies have come to appreciate the numerous benefits that outsourcing some of their services can bring them. This is because outsourcing services, like technical support and medical billing, allow companies to provide excellent customer service and other services without having to invest in new infrastructure to provide them. The good news is that there are a number of companies that are more than willing to provide companies with these services, which cover a wide range of services that companies provide their clients. However, outsourcing is not only limited to companies who wish to provide customer services because there are also a wide variety of services that companies can outsource from a number of service providers. One example of this is computer-assisted architectural rendering, which architectural firms can outsource from various architectural rendering studios.

Services they provide

The companies that provide computer-assisted architectural rendering provide the most modern renderings using the most up to date technology in architectural rendering. Usually, these companies use the latest in CAD technology to be able to provide the realistic 3D structure images based on their client's requirements and specifications. By doing so, these companies allow their clients to see the project even before its completions, making it possible to make the modifications that need to be done so that the construction of the project will run smoothly.

In addition to enabling architectural firms see the project before its completion, developers could also use computer-assisted architectural renderings to inform their clients about what the finished structure will look like, which can be very useful, especially in selling condominium units. Moreover, even interior designers can use the services of companies that provide computer-assisted architectural rendering because they would also be able to see how their designs will look like even before construction and use it to experiment with various designs on their computers.

In recent times, people involved in the construction industry, including architects, developers, and interior designers can now outsource computer-assisted architectural renderings from various companies, allowing these people to see a project even before construction begins. This can be very useful because having access to the "finished" project can allow architects, developers, and designers to make modifications to the project before construction to ensure that the project will run as smoothly as possible.

Get the Competitive Edge with Online Web Design or Graphic Design Certification or Degrees

By Sandy J. Davis

Great Career Opportunity

Web design specialists are in high demand. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that, among all the design professions, graphic designers with web site and animation expertise will find the most opportunities over the next decade. While many hired will hold bachelor degrees, designers holding web certifications as well as associate and master's degrees will find their way to a diverse range of jobs in the field.

Learn the Critical Skills You Need to Succeed

While new software programs are developed each year, the essential skills in site aesthetics and functionality remain constant. Flexible and affordable online training programs from accredited colleges and universities can introduce you to the critical skills necessary to succeed in the profession without interrupting your work or family schedules. For those already in the field, online classes offer certification training in the latest releases of existing and new web design software programs to advance your skill level and credentials to open doors to career opportunities.

Gain the Knowledge of the Latest Software in the Field

Courses in the latest PHP, HTML, and WYSYWYG web design programs (Dreamweaver, FrontPage, ColdFusion, and more) are offered at most online college and university programs that provide accelerated, self-paced modules to enhance your education.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of web design programs work in all sectors of the economy, including boutiques, major corporations, and businesses in the financial, manufacturing, entertainment, marketing, search placement, and technical consulting fields. Many -- about one third -- are self-employed professionals that enjoy exceptional job flexibility and earning power.

Graphic Design Opportunities

Graphic design pros work in a diverse field that includes corporate, entertainment, retail, advertising, education, health care, and manufacturing industries.

Many graphic design college and university training programs place you directly at the heart of the profession, creating internships with graphic design firms or production companies that allow you to integrate your training as well as to develop life-long career networks.


Instruction typically includes coursework in industry-standard design tools and software in illustration, 3D rendering, typography, digital publishing, photo rendering, and animation programs. Online graphic design courses are known for their unique self-paced flexibility. If you're already in the graphic design profession, you can advance your career through software certification courses that won't interfere with your busy work schedule.

Online Education Opportunities

If you're ready to pursue an opportunity in the field of web design or graphic design, your options for earning certification or a degree on any level are many. Discover how you can begin today with a convenient online program from an accredited college or university. Advance your career and enhance your education while you create a portfolio of work that demonstrates your abilities and talent to the world.

How to Set Up A 3D Design Studio Using Only Free Software

By Shen Gerald

3D Graphics creations are often perceived as requiring costly software. Well, this is not always the case because the internet is really a place loaded with free goodies waiting to be utilized. With the relevant skill, a designer or artist can produce works (using these free tools) that are comparable to what professional tools can do.

I will show you how to start a professional 3D graphic design studio using only free software. To produce credible 3D graphics, the tools must be able to perform the various functions namely:

1. Modelling

2. Rendering

3. Animation

4. Image editing

5. Texture creation

Well, we need to substitute commercial tools with their free and or open source equivalents.

The following is a reference to the various free 3D and graphics related resources that can be downloaded from the net.

For 3D modelling, rendering and animation there are at least 2 excellent free alternatives. They are Blender 3D and Truespace 3.2. You can get Blender 3D from http://www.blender3d.com. Truespace 3.2 can be downloaded from http://www.caligari.com which is the homepage of Truespaceís maker.

For purely dedicated 3D modeling, Wing3D is an easy to use yet very powerful tool. You can get this 3D modeling software from http://www.wings3d.com. What you need to do, is to model your stuffs on this software and then export then to either Blender3D or Truespace. File formats such as 3D Studio (3DS) , Wavefront (OBJ) and VRML (WRL) are all supported by Wings3D and can be used for exporting 3D models (created in Wings3D) to other 3D programs such as Blender3D and Truespace.

For image editing and texture creation, Gimp is a most excellent tool. This is a very powerful image editing tool. It supports layers like most professional image editors. Its many filters are excellent for creating textures and image maps for 3D models. Gimp can be downloaded from http://www.gimp.org.

Less well-known than Gimp but very delightful to use is Pixia. This is a Japanese software. Fortunately there is an English version. This tool is excellent for painting and is thus useful for creating image maps for 3D models. Pixia can be downloaded from [http://park18.wakwak.com/~pixia/].

Well, these are the free equivalents that can perform the work of commercial tools. Commercial software may be more convenient and easier to use, nevertheless these free tools can get the job done too. So, if you are on a tight budget, this may be the route to go.


Architectural And Design

At moments of great enthusiasm it seems to me that no one in the world has ever made something this beautiful and important.
 M.C. Escher

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 Giorgio Morandi

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 William Dobell

The holy grail is to spend less time making the picture than it takes people to look at it.

To become truly immortal, a work of art must escape all human limits: logic and common sense will only interfere. But once these barriers are broken, it will enter the realms of childhood visions and dreams.
 Giorgio de Chirico

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 Mark Rothko

Painting is so poetic, while sculpture is more logical and scientific and makes you worry about gravity.
 Damien Hirst

Reason is powerless in the expression of Love.

The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.

Believe it or not, I can actually draw.
 Jean Michel Basquiat

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 Bob Marley

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 Jim Morrison

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