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Restaurant Architecture - Service Yard Design

By Burt Andrews

As a restaurant architect, I have spent many years studying restaurant architecture and the various restaurant ideas that resonate with the public. Success with customers is determined by many factors big and small, and these factors interact with one another multiplying their affect. I want to focus here on just one element that often goes overlooked, the service yard. This is without a doubt the least glamorous architectural element of any establishment, and that is why it is often over looked. If you are looking at your business from a marketing perspective, no one goes there because of the service yard so why devote anytime talking about it. It is true that know one goes to a restaurant because of the service yard, but it may keep people away if executed poorly.

Below I will be sharing my observations as a restaurant architect on what makes a good restaurant service yard. There are many kinds of restaurant concepts from the full-service restaurant down through fast casual to bare-bones restaurants like a carryout only pizza shops but the principals of good architectural design apply to all restaurants equally. All restaurants share the same architectural principals but not the same design. Good design always starts with universal architectural principals combined with the needs of the diners and the intent of the owner. No matter how talented a restaurateur is no one person can do everything, this article is designed clarify ideas about architecture for the food service professionals and help them work with their restaurant architect. A this is just a utilitarian space but it must be done correctly for the restaurant to run smoothly.

What is a service yard anyway? Before you begin any design work lets define what we are designing. A service yard is the area where a restaurant receives goods and takes out the trash. A restaurant has to take in deliveries all the time. They receive food and supplies like paper products and cleaners. This can go on at any time during the day so space to park a truck and unload that is out of the way and doesn't interfere with potential patrons is necessary. The other function beside receiving that is part of a service yard is trash. All the trash a restaurant generates will go out of the service yard to be stored until trash pickup. A restaurant might also have some pipes coming out to receive carbon dioxide for the drink fountains or a grease valve for a cooking grease recover service to turn old cooking oil into trendy bio-diesel. One more thing is a service yard might be access to the underground grease interceptor. This rarely has to be opened up but when it does it is best not to look.

Where should I put my service yard? Since one of the main functions of a service yard is to receive goods the service yard should have a door that connects directly with the storage area in the kitchen. The other main function of the service yard is to take out trash so it should be carefully located to minimize contact with the restaurant public. Restaurants will produce food waste and it will smell, deal with it. I have been to a few restaurants where I have gotten a good smell of the dumpsters on the way in. This happens because the trash enclosures were located to make the garbage man's job easy and no consideration was give to where the smell could drift. Focus on the patrons first and let the people paid to be there adapt. If the smarter diner smells the service yard they may not go in. It is a good restaurant design idea to keep the service yard as far from the front door as possible away from all potential patrons.

What features should my service yard have? Space wise it should have a place for the deliver truck to park; a place for the trash and recycling dumpsters; and room for any other outdoor storage. The service yard should be enclosed by sturdy walls of masonry or heavy wood not just a fence. The walls enclosing it will take a beating over time and fences won't hold up. Dumpsters will role against the walls and deliver trucks bump them, make them solid. A hose bid for wash down should also be provide, dumpsters will leak and you want to wash that away fast. Lastly, provide heavy duty metal gates with easy to operate hardware for truck access and a man door to allow people through without messing with the big gates. The service yard is an exterior space but it must be shielded from the public.

Of course this is only one part the the entire restaurant design and not just a stand alone element. This article if highly reductionist in nature by its very narrow focus on only the restaurant service yard and it ignores the site plan, floor plan and building exterior. That being said, this is very important and deserves this focus because it can ruin the restaurant customers experience if done wrong. It is not my intent to endorse any product but to discuss basic design principals and be a professionals guide to this one key design element. The design ideas discussed here work for any type of restaurant whether it is existing or you are going to start a restaurant from an idea. Good design will improve any business. I hope all restaurant professionals finds these ideas useful and helps them design smarter in their future restaurant design projects. If you have an existing restaurant and find your service yard lacking please take action based on what you have read hear.

Significance of Architectural 2D Drafting

By Jeff Risk

Greatly architectural 2D drafting is a method for making perfect structure drawings of buildings as stated by the users. These draftings are an outcome of structure design estimates, construction design and complete sketches. In addition 2D presentational strategy of structure design, part and detail operational drafting are enclosed one by one to build up quality construction drawings. As stated by structural drafting productions, users could plan their potential edifice activities. In this field there are a lot of different kinds of drafting like, mechanical, Architectural & Civil in 2D drafting.

There are a lot of companies in market who give premium quality, accurate and speedy architectural drafting services for builders, mechanical engineers, architectures and at a rational cost. Drafting work requires a number of fortes and DWG conversions in every area. At this point here are a number of them. Like Architectural drafters they draw the structural picture of buildings and other formation. Drafter might have been an expert in a diverse kind for example commercial or housing, or in a diverse type of material used, for instance resistant concrete structure, building material, steel, or even wood.

Such as, general drafters set up sketches and topographical and release maps utilized in most important structure or civil engineering ventures for example roads, bridges,, flood control projects and pipelines. This is method of making precise image of objects for engineering and making requirements. With the help of it, we are capable to completely and evidently describe necessities for conceptions or products. This is necessary for perfectly and definitely confine all the numerical features of a module and by this means express all the compulsory information that would permit a company to make that part. Greatly, many companies are presenting you DWG to DGN conversions worldwide.

These days there are a lot of companies making use of tif to doc conversions for the work and still a good number of companies are going to increase slowly but surely. These structures are huge development over conventional hand drafting, handling all the obstacles of stability and position on the drawing paper. One wing of 2D drafting is 3D wire frame. Within 3Dwire frame every row has to be manually placed in into the diagram. 3D drafting as compared to 2D is comparatively low-priced. It does not work effortlessly with downstream arrangements like buying and developing. It will carry on discovering its utilization in the future.

2D drafting will carry on to be used as a point of indication and for checking up for the reason that they are generally more acknowledged and understood by the majority of the architectures', As it is more trouble free.

E-Decorating: Is Online Interior Design Right For You?

By Lisa Ellis

Call it online interior design, e-Decorating, virtual room design, or room design online. Whatever the spin, it all points to a cutting-edge trend in home decorating that translates into affordable interior design for you.

With the deluge of DIY shelter magazines, home-decorating TV, and easy online access to home furnishings, it was only a matter of time before the interior design industry would be forced to evolve as well. Enter e-Decorating, a budget-friendly, flat-fee based online interior design alternative to traditional, on-site interior design services.

Wondering how e-Decorating works? Here's how face-to-face and web-based compare:

Style and Budget

* An on-site designer helps you define your needs, preferences and budget through on-site consultations. An online designer does the same through a questionnaire, phone consultations and in some cases, services such as Skype.

Inventory, Measuring and Photography *

An on-site designer inventories, measures and photographs your space. An online designer guides you in conducting your own inventory, measuring and photography, which you then submit, typically via e-mail.

Design Concept

* An on-site designer creates your room's design concept, which includes a space plan, color palette and product recommendations. An online designer does the same.

Architectural Drawings

* An on-site designer prepares interior architectural drawings for the construction of the space and or built-ins. An online designer typically does not prepare architectural drawings that require precise on-site measuring.

Purchasing and Installation

* An on-site designer implements and coordinates the purchasing and installation process, with bespoke, antique and/or custom To-The-Trade items not available to the general public. An online designer guides you in implementing the purchasing and installation of products from well-established online-retailers and, in some cases, purchases To-The-Trade items directly for you.


* An on-site designer sets the pace for the purchasing and installation process. An online designer allows you to take your project at your own pace, implementing your purchasing and installation as your budget and time allow.


* An on-site designer typically requires a retainer ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 and charges actual project fees at either a flat or hourly rate based on $120 - $200/hour. An online designer charges a flat fee ranging from $250 - $1,000 for a complete room design.

There you have it. If you're on a slim budget, don't mind doing a little leg-work, and like initiating new projects on your own, consider e-Decorating services. If you have bundles to burn, need precisely dimensioned architectural drawings, and prefer to have someone else do all the leg-work for you, go face-to-face. Either way, you won't be disappointed.

Modern Interior Design for Good-Looking House

By Alvina Prescott

People like modern design because of the simplicity it brings. Modern interior is associated with minimalist design with glossy finishes and modern gadgets. To have modern design is easy since you don't need to think profoundly about the furnishings and the like. Choose what you like and you think unique. This is the art of modern architecture.

Now we are going to talk about the types which have modern design. When you see some aspect of home in which the surfaces are undecorated, it adopts modern design. Natural material is also another type of modern design. Also, when you see a house with wide open area which lets more light enter the rooms, this one is also a type of modern design. When you think of some eco-friendly design, you can choose innovative architecture and natural materials to the forefront of your house.

Now you might consider the architectural elements, like the door, window, skylight, and flooring. As we have mentioned before, when you let more natural lights to feel the rooms, you are giving modern look to your house. You can fix sliding doors and solar tubes. Open floor and multipurpose spaces or entertainment areas could give modern accent to your house.

You can consider natural materials and finishes, like wood, cotton, paper, stone, and ceramic tile, and combined with glossy marble, stainless steel, lacquer and chrome. Next, you may give some modular furnishings and add some large oil painting or cutting-edge wall mural. To decorate the rooms, especially for living entertainment area or some multipurpose spaces, you can add family photos, heirlooms, or some favorite artworks. For example, you can put an artwork vertically on a narrow wall with some black lacquer frames. For the theme, you can choose natural or abstract art. You might also add some hand-painted mural to give a bohemian look.

Now you might consider palette. Set it with cool accent by incorporating neutral colors, like soft earth tone and blue-based gray. Now you can also combine white walls with black color. You may add some accents of orange, lime green, or red to the combination of black and white. Furthermore, you can use creativity to set modern design in your home. You may consider vintage wallpaper, large paintings put on the walls, or cascading sheers with variety of colors. Those are tips to give modern interior design to your home. We hope this article is useful for you.


Architectural Interior


Great buildings that move the spirit have always been rare. In every case they are unique, poetic, products of the heart.
Arthur Erickson

I am but an architectural composer.
Alexander Jackson Davis

I believe that the way people live can be directed a little by architecture.
Tadao Ando

I don't build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build.
Ayn Rand

I don't divide architecture, landscape and gardening; to me they are one.
Luis Barragan

I hate vacations. If you can build buildings, why sit on the beach?
Philip Johnson

I have designed the most buildings of any living American architect.
Alexander Jackson Davis

I love building spaces: architecture, furniture, all of it, probably more than fashion. The development procedure is more tactile. It's about space and form and it's something you can share with other people.
Donna Karan

I try to give people a different way of looking at their surroundings. That's art to me.
Maya Lin


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