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Architectural House   |  3D House

Architectural Drawing - Custom Architectural House Plan Design Services

By Kelvin Aniston

An architectural drawing is a technical drawing of any building and it is used for developing designing idea into a consistent proposal and it is also used for communication of ideas and concepts. Architectural drawings can come in different forms based on the level of detail the drawings it can offer. The architectural and construction industry in many countries demand certain standards for drawings related to architectural.

These drawings provide a base for the scheduling and budgeting of the project well before the construction process is started. Architectural drawings of buildings are also helpful to individuals. They can be highly advantageous in communication design ideas, concepts and to convince their respective clients about building designs.

There are several types of architectural drawings are available like:

•Presentation Drawings
•Survey Drawings
•Record Drawings
•Working Drawings

These drawings are then drawn according to a set of conventions, which include particular views, sheet sizes, units of measurement and scales, annotation and cross referencing. Usually, architectural drawings were made in ink on paper or a similar material and any copies required had to be laboriously made by hand. Floor plan, site plan, elevation, cross section, Isometric and axonometric projections and detail drawings are some standard views used in architectural drawing.

House architectural plans can be defined as a pictographic presentation or a diagram which contains dependencies between rooms, spaces, windows and related building components of a building structure. For house plan design the true choice of architecture is very important. Addressing your desires to develop house plans to fit your families lifestyle is the crucial goal while you are designing your house.

Architectural house plans design services can help you get your dream house. A house plan is a creative art and in that you can use your constructive ideas such as drawings, design patters and creativity. There are number of house plan consultants available in market and they can help you to get house of your dreams within your budget and time period. House plan consultants also help you to customize your requirements.

Architectural Home Plans - Three Tips for Choosing the Right Plans

By Ian M MacDonald

When you're designing a new home or having one designed for you, there are a lot of different things to think about. Customised designs are a great idea, but only if you can afford to hire a professional to work with you to develop them. In some cases, you might be perfectly happy choosing from the selection of architectural home plans that the builder already has drawn up for the clients to pick from. If this is the case, you need to make sure that you're getting the right plans that suit your tastes and needs. Here are three tips to help:

- First, always consider the size of the house that you have in mind. If you want architectural home plans for a 3 bedroom home, don't settle for less or look at the lower options. Make sure that you get the residence that you want, including the amount of space that you need.

- Choose a builder or architect that has experience in the industry. Check out how long they have been working with architectural home plans and what their experience is with designing home plans. Not all builders are the same, and you need to find the best one available to get your ideal house design.

- Look at the style of the builder or architectural home plans. Find a style that you enjoy and a builder who is effective in creating that particular style of home. There are so many different houses out there and designs to choose from, and it is up to you to find the one that best suits your specific needs.

Architectural home plans are an easy way to get the perfect house that you've always dreamed of. You don't have to spend a lot to have original plans drawn up unless you really want to, which is why you need to take the time to check out the existing plans that you can find online and choose the right ones for your specific needs. Companies are going to offer a great selection of home styles, sizes, and price ranges, so make sure that you are able to get the blueprints that suit your needs for each of these areas. By taking the time to do a little research to see what is out there, you should have no trouble at all in getting the perfect home plans for your new home construction project.

Architectural Home Design by the Experts

By Stefano Grossi

Creating the perfect home plan is a crucial process during the home building process. Although you might have a number of ideas for your home, only an expert architect can design your home with an imaginative blend of design styles and the added convenience of modern technology to make your home more livable. You might believe that stock plans are an easy, convenient and cost-effective option but weigh it with the option of an expert designed house plan for every budget and fully functional plans.

Perfect Home for You and Your Family

The best work is delivered only by the people who are experts in their field. When you let an architect handle the design of your home, you are assured a home plan which is a perfect blend of style and functionality. They will have sufficient experience in designing small or large and elegant homes, and a variety of architectural styles also. With your needs in mind, they will endow their designs with the added touch to make your home beautiful while it remains comfortable.

They will also be updated with the current building codes and will work to ensure that your home confirms to all the necessary codes. The skilled architects use the latest technology to design a home which matches your aesthetic tastes. They can refine the plan based in your suggestions also, thus understanding your desires. In a nutshell, an expert will bring beautiful and functional homes to people who love living in one. Choose an experienced home design expert and build your dream home based on your price range, location and architectural style.

At Architectural home design at Lusk Construction assists customers throughout the building process. With our years of experience we work with our customers as a team in selecting the correct site, completing the site design, determining and developing a realistic budget for the project, along with our Architectural team creating the building look that says who you are.

Popular Styles of Home Architecture Today

By Roby Hicks

If you are a fan of modern architectural designs, then you probably want to know the different trends in terms of home architectural designs. You will be amazed with the variety of wonderfully designed properties with highly functional spaces.

Knowing the different trends will help you decide how to upgrade current home. This will also enable you to apply new trends in your home. Some of these trends can help you conserve energy better and live a healthier and an environmentally friendlier home.

Here are few of the most common trends today:

1. Eco-friendly home designs. Many builders today are concerned about the environment. This is why they gearing towards the use of sustainable materials. This is a good thing because everyone can benefit from this. Aside from using eco-friendly materials, properties are also designed to lower the carbon footprint of the property. Designs are looking to maximize the natural light so that household will use less of the artificial lights during the day. Rooms are also built to reduce the use of heaters during the winter and ACs during the summer.

2. Prefabricated homes are in today. The parts of these homes are manufactured off-site and the parts are shipped to the location where they are assembled. Many builders are using this because they are able to build homes with good quality faster. There are several designs to choose from. This is why properties can still be customized to address the needs of the homebuyers.

3. Repurposing and reusing home structures. Due to concern for the environment, builders today are not throwing away structures or materials when home building. They find good uses for old structures and incorporating it in new homes without compromising the quality of the property. Many builders are also doing this to preserve history.

4. Accessible home designs. This is perhaps one of the most notable trends in new home designs. The designs are simpler, allowing the homeowners to move around easier. Owners can also get to their things easier because they are more accessible. For instance, high cabinets are replaced with a more convenient storage where users can easily get to their stuff.

5. There are also several additional features that lets the owners relax and enjoy their home better Family rooms are among these features. Owners are looking for that extra room in the house where they can just hang out. They are also interested in having a four-season porch where they can bond with family and entertain friends year-round.

Houses today are simpler and more spacious. This is because of how contractors integrated the wise use of spaces in the house. There has also a significant change in the choices of materials for the construction of properties. Homeowners are moving towards the use of sustainable materials. This is due to the growing awareness of the troubles that the environment is facing.

There are also new trends on the rooms and features that homeowners value today. Many are more drawn to family rooms as well as home offices. Familiarize these trends to choose an applicable design for your home.


3D House


Architecture is the art of how to waste space.
Philip Johnson

Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.
Le Corbusier

Architecture is the reaching out for the truth.
Louis Kahn

Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.
Frank Gehry

Architecture starts when you carefully put two bricks together. There it begins.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Architecture tends to consume everything else, it has become one's entire life.
Arne Jacobsen

As a designer, the mission with which we have been charged is simple: providing space at the right cost.
Harry von Zell

At a certain point, I just put the building and the art impulse together. I decided that building was a legitimate way to make sculpture.
Martin Puryear

Building art is a synthesis of life in materialised form. We should try to bring in under the same hat not a splintered way of thinking, but all in harmony together.
Alvar Aalto

Buildings should serve people, not the other way around.
John Portman


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