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3D Visualization

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Visualization Rendering

3D Visualisation
Visualization Rendering

3D Rendering Experts - Consulting For 3D Rendering Models

By Mike N Thomas

Architecture Rendering Industry is a fast growing Business Industry. Today's competitive marketplace requires your work and services to speak about your core business expertise. Imagine that if someone asks for "3D Rendering", then the first name that comes in mind is your company - this makes a huge impact on Architecture Industry. For this, you should have your business on peak position.

3D - Rendering is a special part of Architecture Industry - Architecture Engineering. It is a method of converting 2D - 3D models of various building structures into respective building images. 3D rendering experts are professionals who are related with 3D - rendering and building architectural rendering. If you are familiar with 3D rendering concepts, then you can perform 3D - rendering activities in your architecture business.

But the accuracy and effectiveness that 3D rendering experts can provide may be missing in your work. "Perception" is what 3D - rendering experts can utilize the most to excel your business - your company's image in Architecture Industry. And if you are relatively new to architectural business, then it is highly recommended to consult a 3D - rendering expert for your construction business. Consulting 3D rendering experts will not only give you better 3D - rendering services, but also will put your business to a new height that every professional would love to be.

What 3D rendering experts can provide is as follow:
o Excellent 3D - rendering architecture services for buildings
o Stunning 3D interior rendering design and models for residential as well as commercial buildings
o Outstanding 3D exterior rendering services to make your building look better and impressive
o Architectural building 3D models as per latest technologies

3D Rendering Services For Better Visualization of Buildings

By Mike N Thomas

Better visualization and clear picture in mind about any building before it is constructed is always advantageous for builders, architects and engineers. Various services are available today to make you visualize your building clearly, but the most widely used services are - 3D Rendering Services. This is the first choice of any building professional to use in their business.

There are many reasons that make 3D renderings services better than others. Some of them are as follow:

-3D - renderings- services are easy to implement
-They give more accurate results than any other services in the business today
-These services give advanced solutions for your building requirements as per modern construction trends

3D rendering services can be defined as a sequence of processes to convert 3D building models into respective 3D images with 3D photo realistic effects. These 3D renderings services will give you 99.995% photo realistic images that will make you visualize your proposed building very clearly. If you are very well aware of how your building will look by constructing it using certain methods, then it becomes a lot easier to manage your whole building construction life span according to your needs.

3D renderings services have a huge scope as building construction industry is expanding like never before. These services are widely used in:

-3d animation rendering
-3d modeling rendering
- 3d interior rendering
- interior design rendering
- architectural rendering services
- 3d landscape rendering
- 3d rendering autocad
- 3D architectural product rendering and modeling
- 3D walkthrough
- 3D photomontage
- 3D architectural modeling for different types of building structures such as commercial, residential and industrial buildings

3D renderings services are easy to use and they give most accurate results with minimum costs, this proves to be the biggest plus point of 3D rendering services.

Mastering AutoCAD 2008 and AutoCAD LT 2008

By Harris Chandra

The World's Bestselling AutoCAD Resource Fully Updated for 2008.There's a reason why Mastering AutoCAD is so popular year after year. Loaded with concise explanations, step-by-step instructions, and hands-on projects, this comprehensive reference and tutorial from award-winning author George Omura has everything you need to become an AutoCAD expert.

If you're new to AutoCAD, the tutorials will help you build your skills right away. If you're an AutoCAD veteran, Omura's in-depth explanations of the latest and most advanced features, including the exciting annotation, notes, and layer properties features, will turn you into an AutoCAD pro. Whatever your experience level and however you use AutoCAD, you'll refer to this indispensable reference again and again.

Coverage includes:
*Creating and developing AutoCAD drawings
*Drawing curves and applying solid fills
*Effectively using hatches, fields, and tables
*Manipulating dynamic blocks and attributes
*Linking drawings to databases and spreadsheets
*Rendering realistic interior views with natural lighting
*Giving a hand-drawn look to 3D views
*Presenting 3D models with cutaway and x-ray views
*Making spiral forms with the Helix and Sweep tools
*Exploring your model in real time with the Walk and Fly tools
*Adding hyperlinks to drawings
*Converting multiple layer settings and other layer translator options
*Master the New Text and Table Features
*Explore the Layer Manager Enhancements
*Annotate, Secure, and Authenticate Files
*Track Your Projects with the Sheet Set Manager
*Publish Drawings over the Internet and eTransmit Your Files
*Customize the New Dashboard and Control Panel

Autodesk has released both AutoCAD 2008 and AutoCAD LT 2008 simultaneously. Not surprisingly,they're nearly identical in the way they look and work. You can share files between the two programs with complete confidence that you won't lose data or corrupt files. The main differences are that LT doesn't support all the 3D functions of AutoCAD 2008, nor does it support the customization tools of AutoLISP and VBA. But LT still has plenty to offer in both the productivity and customization areas.

3D Graphics = 2D Graphics + Third Axis + Many Techniques

By Al Kaatib

Going beyond flatland (2D graphics) is more of a challenge than merely adding another axis. Many techniques are applied together to map the high expectations of mind onto the 2D displays. To render a 3D scene, techniques such as shaping, shading, textures, lighting, reflections, hidden-surface removal, perspective projections are employed.

Shaping is the first step in 3D technology. A 3D shape can be constructed using basic geometry (polygon, simplest being triangle), mathematical modeling (equations), or graphics techniques like lofting, lathing and extrusion where a 2D object is moved over a well-defined path in 3D space. A warping technique, deformation grid, is also used. The result is usually a wire-frame model.

Shading is then used to provide skin to wire-frame model. Flat shading model is the crudest technique that does no smoothing. Gouraud shading, a smooth-shading technique, creates color gradients based on the location of an object's face with respect to a light source. But the technique lacks, sharp highlights and shadow casting. This problem is solved using another smooth-shading technique called Phong shading which is based on how we perceive the colors. It uses ambient, diffuse and specular optical properties of the material of which the 3D object is made up of.

Texturing is next step towards achieving realism of 3D object. While the ray-traced rendering use optical properties of the material, the non ray-traced rendering use mapping i.e. overlaying bitmaps over surfaces of object to create a realistic texture. Texture maps, bump maps and reflections maps are fundamental map types.

Hidden-surface removal algorithms like Z-Buffer algorithm and perspective projections are employed to create the real effect of relative positioning of objects in the 3D world.

3D visualization is different 3D graphics as the former provides interactivity as well. A user can navigate through the virtual world by changing the scene viewpoint or maneuver objects by applying operations like translation, rotation and scaling.

A 3D animation is another buzz which is basically a sequence of frames rendered at rate greater then Perception of Vision (20 frames/second).

The 3D world specified as vertices, after various transformations, is rasterized and display. This process constitutes the graphics pipeline. The graphics pipeline has following stages:

World Transformation
View Transformation
Projection Transformation
Clipping and Viewport Scaling

Architectural Modeling - Visualize Your Architectural Scale Models

By Bobby V Smith

Are you seeking architectural scale models? The architectural modeling of the CAD 3D is necessary tools for the presentation of a project for architectural architects and students. The architectural modeling services of returned quality that is dependent to transform your perception of the buildings and the pieces of furniture.

Architectural modeling helps you to visualize the same thing as it were already built or produced. Engagement with quality and the execution gave the opportunity to continue to serve the needs for an international market.

The architectural modeling services offers excellence, architecture scale models to the customer across the world. The scale model images of architecture 3D which include an elevated stage of detail concerning modeling; rendering, texturing and can also express light play i.e. the impact of sunlight / artificial light / shadows.

Some of the examples where architecture modeling services can help you:
o Residential Buildings
o Commercial Buildings
o Industrial Buildings
o Interiors view for Offices, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bed Room, and Living Room
o Exterior view of all types of buildings
o Custom or modular furniture
o Photomontage
o Landscaping Designing
o Engineering low poly modeling

Architecture modeling is used to represent the framework for constructing the application. An architecture scale modeling is developed in this phase from which detailed design and component of construction can be done.

The architecture scale model is a high-level design for the application. Also, architectural modeling allows the potential home owners to view the property, even in the pre-construction phase. Thus, allowing any changes to be made before construction which typically saves time and money. Therefore, architectural modeling must be appealing, accurate and have the ability to provide the home buyer an instant visualization of what an existing or future of home will look like.

The higher the building the lower the morals.
Noel Coward

The interior of the house personifies the private world; the exterior of it is part of the outside world.
Stephen Gardiner

The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid.
Thomas Kempis

The Romans were not inventors of the supporting arch, but its extended use in vaults and intersecting barrel shapes and domes is theirs.
Harry Seidler

The work of art shows people new directions and thinks of the future. The house thinks of the present.
Adolf Loos

Those who look for the laws of Nature as a support for their new works collaborate with the creator.
Antonio Gaudi

To me, a building - if it's beautiful - is the love of one man, he's made it out of his love for space, materials, things like that.
Martha Graham


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